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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Hunter Academies Office of Admission. At Hunter Academies, our global student body engages in deep intellectual inquiry led by passionate instructors who are experts in their fields. Hunter Academies seeks to admit intellectually curious and motivated students with a record of achievement both in and out of the classroom.

Hunter Academies’ students are able to enroll in courses throughout the year, and both first and second semester courses are offered year round. Because every course is self-paced, students can complete a full-semester course in as few as four or as many as 16 weeks.

Hunter Academies offers part-time enrollment for students who want to finish their diploma faster or take courses not available in their schools, as well as full-time enrollment for students seeking online alternatives to obtaining their high school diploma.

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All Hunter Academies courses are equivalent to a semester-length high school class but can be completed in an

accelerated format. Students must spend a minimum of four weeks in any college preparatory course. A student who registers at the beginning of a term will have at least sixteen weeks to complete the semester course.

The course format descriptions and tuition rates for each follow:

Guided Study*

4-16 week semester course

Current Tuition = $295

Application fee = $50

Registration/Enrollment $25 (One-Time Fee),

Graduation Fee = $100

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